About HomeYoga

HomeYoga is the online platform created by Simon Low and the Yoga Academy at our home base at Santillán Retreat in Spain.

Simon has been teaching yoga internationally for over 28 years, beginning his journey under the guidance of Dr Larry Payne at Samata Garden in Los Angeles where Simon lived after a career in the music industry in London and New York. After practising and studying a wide range of approaches to yoga, chi kung, physical therapy and psycho-spititual studies, Simon & the Yoga Academy have cultivated a highly effective, accessible and balanced yoga approach that speaks to students of all levels of age, fitness or yoga experience. Yin & Yang in its nature, the classes shared on this platform reflect these teachings within led-practices taught by Simon, Yoga Academy and special guest teachers.


Adriana and Marta, of the Marchini-Martilla family who founded Molino de Santillán as a hotel over 25 years ago, feature in most of the videos, occasionally joined by local friends and our visitors during this period when Santillan Retreat has been closed due to the pandemic. Both Marta and Adriana (Tana) began their yoga journey with Simon when we opened Santillán as a yoga retreat 5 years ago, and Adriana is now training to be a yoga teacher.


Meet the Team


All of our recorded classes (except for our first two attempts that I filmed on my iPhone back in March) are filmed by our dear friends Ruben and Jacobo, with sound support from Marcos.


The music intros & outros were composed by my friend Rara Avis, founder of YogiTunes.com and composer of the gorgeous music on my ancient yoga dvd ‘Yin & Yang Yoga with Simon Low’. 


HomeYoga.Life’s website was built by Robert Brace, a yoga teacher, techno-geek and much cherished friend. Nice one Bob!


Designs by Liz Livingstone of buttercrosscreative.com (we’ve worked together for nearly 20 years…cheers Liz!)


The Yoga Academy has been blessed by the teachings of many wonderful faculty members since I founded our yoga school in 2003. My gratitude to my faculty colleagues over the years Gill Lloyd, Gary Carter, Julie Gudmestad, Eija Tervonen, Simone Sorrell, Sue Delf, Simona Hernandez, Andrea Hanagarth, Belinda Edwards and Jane Stirzaker. Their teachings are also reflected within these classes.


You can find out more about the Yoga Academy here


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