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All of the classes are recorded live. The small gatherings of students in the classes include teachers to first-timers. Most of the students in the class are Spanish friends and family of Santillán while we are currently closed and running as a family home due to the pandemic. We have not observed social distancing in the classes, and they should not be viewed as an example of how to lead an online class during a pandemic.

In certain classes, as it is a live class format, I will be ‘mirroring’ the students with my arm, leg & body movements, i.e. I will be instructing you to step your right leg back while (as you see on camera) I am stepping my left leg back. Sorry for any confusion this causes. Best to follow the students in the recorded class usually.

 We welcome your feedback on the platform’s offerings, especially when you have viewed the new videos.

Jacobo, Ruben, Tana, Marcos and myself are learning as we go along………and enjoying the journey. Take good care of yourselves

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Santi-pathah – saha nāvavatu

Santi-pathah – saha nāvavatu

Found in the Taittirīya-Upaniṣad, Kaṭha-Upaniṣad and Śvetāśvatara- Upaniṣad. A chant often recited at the beginning of studies or practices. This chant seeks protection and nourishment from the divine universal consciousness for teacher and student.


Wendy Jupp