Santi-pathah – saha nāvavatu

|| śanti-pāṭaḥ – saha nāvavatu ||

Found in the Taittirīya-Upaniṣad, Kaṭha-Upaniṣad and Śvetāśvatara- Upaniṣad


A chant often recited at the beginning of studies or practices.  This chant seeks protection and nourishment from the divine universal consciousness for teacher and student. May our work together have positive energy, may our studies be enlightening, may our approaches be good natured without dispute.

There are two audio recordings  on this page. The first is a continuous version of the chant and the second has pauses allowing you to listen and then repeat the chant. You can also use the audio controls to pause and rewind the recording.


To practice this chant, first listen to the complete version whilst following the text. Then, with the listen and repeat version you can repeat and practice the pronunciation.


You may repeat this as many times as you like in order to perfect your chant.

Continuous Recording


Listen & Repeat